Thomas Zwijsen released his new album of original work on October 3rd. Thomas is best known for his arrangements of famous rock, metal and pop songs for classical solo guitar. The new full-length album, Divide & Unite, contains 11 original compositions. The songs clearly display Thomas' classical background, as well as his influences of flamenco, rock and metal.

Track listing Divide & Unite

1 Divide
2 Fireflies
3 Tango on the Edge Of The World
4 Low Tide Lands
5 Doom
6 Samba Do Holandês
7 Ramses The Great
8 Skyway
9 Catalunya
10 Siren On The Rocks
11 Unite

Anyone who pre-ordered the album on CD will received some cool extras:

- A signed copy of Divide & Unite
- A digital download of the album on the release date.
- And a bonus EP containing 4 arrangements (of metal songs) for classical guitar

Track listing EP 'Treasure Island'

1 Speed Of Light - Iron Maiden
2 Ram It Down – Judas Priest
3 Rock And Roll All Night - KISS
4 Don't Stop Me Now - Queen

The following musicians share their talent with Thomas on this album;

Anne Bakker - Violin
Rosie Taekema - Cello
Ingrid Pontes - Vocals/Choirs
Nathanael Taekema - Drums/co-composer
Ben Woods - Flamenco guitar
Raoul Soentken - Percussion


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