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Nylonized - album 2014

9 arrangements of classic songs and 3 original compositions.

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Nylon Maiden - album 2013

11 unique arrangements of Iron Maiden songs

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NEW ALBUM: NYLON MAIDEN II available for pre-order

Guitar virtuoso Thomas Zwijsen will release his new album Nylon Maiden II on November 7th 2014. Nylon Maiden II is Zwijsen’s second album with arrangements of Iron Maiden songs on classical guitar. The album contains 13 tracks; 10 Iron Maiden songs, 2 original compositions and Zwijsen’s arrangement of UFO’s Doctor Doctor (which is played over the PA system before every Iron Maiden show).

Track list:

1. Doctor Doctor (UFO)
2. Different World
3. These Colours Don't Run
4. Revelations
5. Judas Be My Guide
6. Flight Of Icarus
7. Nylon Madness (original composition)
8. The Thin Line Between Love & Hate
9. Hallowed Be Thy Name
10 No Prayer For The Dying
11 The Dream Is True (original composition)
12 Alexander The Great
13 Journeyman



After getting well over 2 million views on YouTube, Dutch classical guitarist Thomas Zwijsen released his album Nylon Maiden on January 8th. The album contains 11 unique arrangements of Iron Maiden tracks on classical guitar. Additional musicians on the album are Anne Bakker, Nathanael Taekema, Tony Newton (Voodoo Six) and Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden). Read more>>

Thomas' second album ‘Nylonized’ was released on March 11, 2014. Nylonized contains tracks from several artists and original compositions; featuring (former) members of Dream Theater, Europe, Threshold, Cream 69 and Iron Maiden. Read more>>


A Nylon Maiden tabbook with standard notation and tablature was released on October 3rd.

In addition to the tab book we're also offering seperate tabs for other songs.

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